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Serendipity BEAD STEW… Yummy Ingredients For Easy Jewelry Making -- Absolutely no “crafty" experience needed to create a one-of-a-kind bangle-style bracelet​ OR a unique and versatile Face Mask Chain, which can also be worn as a necklace or wrap-style bracelet. And, with oodles of hand-selected, limited edition, bead combos to choose from, FAB results are guaranteed!

PLEASE NOTE: Only one project can be made from each BEAD STEW Kit, so be sure to CLICK on either “Bracelet” or “Mask Chain”. If you’d like to create BOTH a Bracelet AND a coordinating Mask Chain, add one of each style of BEAD STEW kit to your shopping cart.

# of Kits in Edition: 10

Color Story: During one of my meanderings through the world-wide web, I stumbled onto an image of a cake that was festooned with what appeared to be real violet flowers. Much to my surprise, I discovered that not only are violets edible, but they can be preserved and turned into decorations for all kinds of deserts. This beautiful cake image stuck with me and inspired this vintage-looking BEAD STEW bead assemblage.

Colors:  Violet-Purple variations, Grey, Metallic Gold 

    Beady Ingredients:  Czech “fire-polished” glass beads, Czech “pressed” glass beads, Japanese “seed” beads, and metal beads.

    ​“Bangle-icious Bracelet” Ingredients: “Memory” wire bracelet base, in a color-coordinated metal finish, and Step by Step Instructions. FYI… The Bracelet Size in the kit "fits most", but if your wrist is larger than 7 1/2", please email us to arrange for a roomier bracelet size to be substituted  >>>CONTACT

    “Mask Chain” Ingredients: Two lobster-style clasps, crimp tubes and crimp covers, in color-coordinated metal finishes, "Soft Flex” bead stringing wire, and Step by Step Instructions.

    Tools Required: The tools needed for these BEAD STEW projects are not included in the kit. It’s a total drag to not have “the right tool for the job", so please check below for the tools required for each of the projects...

    Bangle-icious Bracelet: Heavy Duty wire cutter (from your household tool box) or Memory Wire Cutter (DO NOT USE YOUR JEWELRY CUTTING PLIER!!!… the wire is very hard and will ruin them!), as well as Round Nose Pliers (or “needle” nose pliers from household tool box) to turn the loop on the memory wire that finishes the bracelet. A bead mat's always good too... Especially our Velux Beading Mat Work Surface!

    Mask Chain:  Soft Wire (Pointy) Cutter to cut the bead stringing wire,  Bead Stoppers to clamp onto the wire to stop your beads from sliding off, Crimping Pliers to attach the clasp onto your piece, a pair of smooth-jawed pliers to close the crimp cover over the crimp tube, such as: Chain Nose, Bent Chain Nose or Flat Nose. A working surface to keep your beads from rolling away is essential, such as our Velux Beading Mat!

      Style #: SBS-BB-1068

      Design inspiration... because the bead and color combinations in our Serendipity BEAD STEW bracelet making kits are so unique and ultra-special, there is no wrong or right way to add the beads to the “memory” bracelet wire.

      The most important thing is to relax, have fun with the creation of your piece and no matter what you do, your bracelet will turn out beautifully.

      However, should you want some “Design Inspiration”, please visit our Suzie Q Studio>>> Serendipity BEAD STEW Gallery and Design Inspiration.

      PLEASE NOTE: Suzie Q Studio does our very best to accurately represent all products and bead combinations, however, the beads within each edition of our BEAD STEW Kits, may not be identical, quantity-wise. Also, colours may appear differently between devices.

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