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A “Memory Wire Cutter” is one of the two main tools for creating a Serendipity BEAD STEW bracelet. Memory wire is an extremely hard wire, which is why it holds its round shape and springs back into place when stretched opened up to fit onto your wrist.

Because memory wire is so incredibly hard, regular wire cutters used in jewelry making, such as a “Side Cutter”, will be totally trashed and rendered useless if used on memory wire, so stick to using a "Memory Wire Cutter” or a heavy duty wire cutter from your household toolbox to cut it.

A “Memory Wire Cutter” is also very handy for cutting heavier wire (16 gauge+), as well as more substantial chain that’s sometimes used in chunkier jewelry designs.

• Precision Tip
• "Leaf Spring” handles (keeps the cutters open - squeeze     to close and grip
• Cushioned Grip
• German Stainless Steel
• Professional Quality
• SIZE: 4.75” (12cm) long
• Made in Pakistan


​A “Round Nose Plier” is used for shaping wire into round loops and curves, which is why it’s the second essential tool (in addition to a “Memory Wire Cutter”) to make a BEAD STEW bracelet because you use it to create a loop to close off the end of your bracelet that'll stop the beads from sliding off the end of the memory wire :-)

The “Ro​u​nd Nose Plier” is also required, in addition to a few other tools, when making “wire-wrapped loops” which is the technique used to create dangles for charms, earrings and pendants from beads and wire or “headpins”.

​​• Precision Tip
• Smooth Jaws
• "Leaf Spring” handles (keeps the cutters open - squeeze     to close and grip)
• Slim, easy-fit, plastic coated handle
• Stainless Steel
• A great “starter” plier
• SIZE: 4.75” (12cm) long
• Made in Pakistan