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A “Memory Wire Cutter” and “Round Nose Pliers” are the two main tools for creating a Serendipity BEAD STEW bracelet.

The reason you need a “Memory Wire Cutter” when making your BEAD STEW bangle-style bracelet, is because a regular jewelry cutting tool will be ruined when trying to cut the extremely hard “memory” wire in the kit. A pair of “Round Nose Pliers” is required to make a loop to finish the end of your bracelet so that the beads don’t fall off. FYI… Both of these tools are used for all kinds of other jewelry-making projects too!

When you purchase these two tools separately it comes to a total of $34.00; however the “BEAD STEW” TOOL SPECIAL is: $25.OO, which means you get the “Round Nose Pliers” for FREE!

For more details about each of these two versatile tools, please see the following separate product listings: “Memory Wire Cutter” and “Round Nose Pliers.”