Get the scoop on all things Suzie Q from her sister's perspective. Enter the ​quirky, creative, colourful world of Suzie Q Studio's Suzie Q and you're guaranteed lots of creative fun.

Hello and welcome to Suzie Q Studio!

In 2002, I opened my business under the name: Suzie Q Beads as a "bricks and mortar" store that offered ultra-unique jewellery-making beads, components, supplies and classes, as well as ready-to-wear “collectible” jewellery.

Now that my bead and jewellery boutique has made the move to ONLINE ONLY as Suzie Q Studio, I was saying to my sister, who is also the webmaster of this website (lucky for me!), that I really miss “in person” interactions with Suzie Q customers, and she came up with the fab idea of introducing me to you with my personal story, as told from her older sister perspective, so…

Explore the quirky, creative, colourful world of Suzie Q Studio. Suzie Q Studio offers one-of-a-kind artisan-made Jewelry,  jewelry-making kits, and oodles of cool DIY jewelry-making stuff!

​It’s always helpful, when you’re wondering who someone is, to look at what they were like when they were young. Being Suzie's older sister, I feel that I’m probably the best person to look back at little Suzie.

You might be thinking that the “Q” in Suzie Q Studio maybe indicates that her middle name starts with a Q. Thankfully it doesn’t, but it very well describes two aspects of her personality that have always been a part of her... quirky and quality. A third adjective that's always described her is “creative”. She has oozed quirky creativity for as long as I can remember, and high quality has always been important to her. As the photo above shows, she was even able to convince our frugal, immigrant Mom to buy her fun, quirky things -- I’m wondering why I didn’t have a sweet little purse like Suzie's. :o)

From dancing and singing at bus stops when she was a little girl and dabbling in almost every type of craft imaginable, Suzie has always expressed her creativity in her own unique way. In her early 20s, she became an entrepreneur by owning arts-related businesses and later on, also became a professional singer. Her passion for the arts and music has always been a driving force in her life.

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Suzie’s early love of music inspired her impulse to “collect” stuff. She bought her first “45s” when she was 8 years old, and it expanded into a collection of 1000s of recordings that continues to this day. Her passion for collecting sparked all kinds of other ones too, such as the incredible collection of unique beads and jewelry lovingly gathered over the last 19 years for her various locations, including now at Suzie Q Studio.

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Over the many years that we’ve been sisters, Suzie has nurtured and encouraged my creativity and given me confidence that I actually have some creativity.

By hanging out with Suzie in her quirky, creative, colourful world, you too will see that your own unique creativity and quirkiness expand and go places you never imagined. She’s just that kind of person.

 ~ xo Suzie's Big Sis, aka Webmaster Sister

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