At the age of 24, I bought the picture-framing store I’d been working at and a second location one year later. Over the next 15 years, I honed my entrepreneurial skills, while also taking vocal lessons to someday fulfill my dream of being a professional singer.

I sold my picture-framing stores in 1999 and moved to Toronto where I was happily drawn into the world of beading — I was hooked!

I returned to Calgary to do what I know and love best — operating a small business with a creative flair. In 2002 a tiny orange and chartreuse house in eclectic Inglewood became the home of Suzie Q Beads, specializing in unique jewellery-making components and classes.

Over the last 15 years, Suzie Q Beads has had three other spectacular locations... and now I’ve moved online so I can share my unique brand of eclectic creativity with a much wider audience.

With the move online, I’ve also got a new name -- Suzie Q Studio! I thought a more neutral, open name would be more appropriate for the eclectic assortment of items that will be available soon with the new online version of "The Q"!

Suzie Q’s is the store of my dreams. Each day, I derive immense pleasure from sharing my unique sense of colour, creativity and sparkle with all who enter my world.