Suzie Q Studio's Serendipity BEAD STEW DIY JEWELRY MAKING KITS and LITTLE MISS KITS are Limited Edition collections of premium-quality beads and components for you to make a one-of-a-kind bracelet. No experience needed!

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the head-spinning choices when you visit a bead store? Or maybe you feel insecure about your artistic abilities, but you still want a dose of some healthy, stress-free, creativity in your life? Well, Suzie Q Studio has the answer!

Our Serendipity BEAD STEW, Easy Jewelry Making Kits contain all the delicious ingredients needed for you to create a one-of-a-kind, bangle-style bracelet, with absolutely no crafty experience required, so no matter how you add the beads to the "memory" bracelet wire... PRESTO!… You’re guaranteed to have fab, professional results with a creation you’ll be proud to say, “Look what I made!"

And, if a bangle bracelet isn’t your style, or you don’t have access to the basic tools needed to make it, our BEAD STEW kits now also include STRETCHY BRACELET CORD for you to make individual, "roll-on" bracelets to wear separately, layer them up in a stack or make a gift for your bestie, with only a pair of scissors required to create them.

If you'd like to see how easy it is to create your own one-of-a-kind bracelets, check out the videos in our INFO & HOW TOs section>>> BEAD STEW Bracelets.

There are endless things you can do with Suzie Q Studio's easy DIY Jewelry Making Kits.

Yet more options for creativity… If you already have, or are willing to learn, some ultra-basic jewelry-making skills such as: crimping, making wire-wrapped loops and open/closing jump rings, you can use the scrumptious, hand-selected beads in our limited edition BEAD STEW kits, along with extra components not included in the kit --- maybe from your own stash? --- and turn your BEAD STEW beads into all kinds of creations: earrings, charm dangles, a necklace… The design possibilities are limitless!

For visuals and more info, check out the Suzie Q Diary blog entry: BEYOND THE BRACELET!

So, are you ready for some "Good Creative Fun"? Start Shopping & Get Making!>>>Serendipity BEAD STEW Jewelry Making Kits.