Suzie Q Studio is offering BEAD STEW jewelry-making classes at Dream Dog Boutique in Calgary using our Serendipity BEAD STEW jewelry-making kits. We'll also be adding other venues for our BEAD STEW Classes, as well as offering “Private Jewelry-Making Parties” for any occasion. Book your spot soon at



Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Serendipity BEAD STEW Classes and Parties WON'T be available in the Calgary area until further notice, but ONLINE Suzie Q SHOPPING is just a few CLICKS away.

During this challenging,"world-upside-down" time, Please Remember to add some "Creative Self-Care" to your days... bake some cookies, listen to your favourite music, knit something pretty OR even make yourself a BEAD STEW bracelet, because…


xo Suzie Q 😘💕❤    (And, for goodness sake, remember to wash your hands!)


You’re Invited to a 
BEAD STEW Class!… 
Yummy ingredients for easy jewelry-making.


Being Creative Feels Good, so you’re welcome to join in the fun!

Creating a Serendipity BEAD STEW ”Bangle-icious" bracelet is perfect in a group setting because it doesn’t require intense concentration to make OR any previous “crafty” experience, whatsoever, which means you can be social with your fellow participants, at the same time as creating your one-of-a-kind bracelet… Fun, or what?!

At every BEAD STEW Class you’ll receive expert instruction and design help with the creation of your stacked, bangle-style bracelet, plus it’s always great to be inspired by other class attendees. And, no matter how you string the artfully, hand-picked beads in your chosen BEAD STEW kit, you’re guaranteed to have a FAB,  "designed-by-you" jewelry piece that’s sure to get a lot of admiring comments, which will have you glowing with pride when you say, “I made it myself”!