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​​This gorgeous bracelet showcases a Trollbeads glass bead called a “Universal Unique”… Doesn’t the colour and design look like beautiful waves at a tropical beach?!
 “Uniques” are glass beads that are handcrafted over an open, red-hot flame by passionate glass artisans from Tibet, India, Malawi or Lithuania. Each of these gorgeous beads is a one-of-a-kind, miniature piece of art! For more info on Trollbeads UNIQUES, please check out our Blog Post by clicking >>> A Love Affair with UNIQUES.

The term “Universal Unique" is used because these glass beads have a larger hole than most of the classic Trollbeads Collection and therefore will fit onto most “add-a-bead” jewelry brands.

Included with this “Universal Uniques Bracelet” is booklet that tells you all about “UNIQUES” Trollbeads, as well as a color co-ordinated leather bracelet (a $94.00 value), which you close with a knot. The knot functions as the closure and the bracelet can be put on and taken off, again and again. This “one size fits all” leather bracelet has a contemporary look and feel, with a width of 4mm, compared to the classic Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelet that has a width of 3mm, which means only beads with a larger 4.5mm+ hole, such as “Pandora” etc., will fit onto the “Universal” leather bracelet. This also means that most Trollbeads WON’T FIT onto this bracelet, but the "Universal Unique” bead WILL FIT onto ANY  Trollbeads carrier.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Universal Unique” bead shown here is EXACTLY the one that you’ll receive because it’s one-of-a-kind, so once it’s sold, it’s no longer available! Also, colours shown on all products may appear differently between devices.

• STYLE #: TUB #008

• COLOR: ​​Opaque White and Turquoise on Transparent Turquoise

• MATERIAL: Glass + Sterling Silver Core and Leather

• BEAD SIZE: Will Vary, Approximately 15mm H x 7mm W

• BRACELET SIZE: One-Size-Fits-All