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In 2012, Trollbeads released a fascinating and culturally rich, limited edition collection of exquisitely detailed sterling silver beads, illustrating 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, which pulls from many elements of Chinese culture, including the symbolism behind astrology, animals, elements, and Feng Shui.

The Chinese Zodiac is a twelve-year cycle where each year is associated with a particular animal. An animal Zodiac represents how others perceive you or how you present yourself.

This bead depicts the year of the “Dog”, and it’s also a wonderful bead for dog lovers too!

If you were born in the year of the “Dog”, you are honest, conservative and full of justice. Dog people are loyal and rarely break rules, which makes them highly valued at their place of work. Dogs wish to live peacefully with their family. They are helpful and faithful and would rather suffer a loss than make trouble for others.

The following are “Dog Years”:

Feb 14, 1934–Feb  3, 1935,  Feb  2, 1946–Jan 21, 1947,  Feb  6, 1970–Jan 26, 1971,  Feb 10, 1994–Jan 30 1995,    Jan 29, 2006–Feb 17, 2007,  Feb 19, 2018–Feb  4, 2019.)

Designer:  He Yang Hong

• Bead ONLY… Bracelet and Lock Clasp not included.
• All Trollbeads are NEW stock and never worn.
• Trollbeads only fit onto Trollbeads bracelets… They don’t fit Pandora-Chamilia-Biagi style bracelets.
• All sterling silver Trollbeads are individually cast, so during the process, there will be very slight variations from bead to bead. The bead shown in this listing is the exact one that you’ll receive.

• MATERIAL: Silver 925 (Sterling)

• SIZE: ​5mm X 7mm

 • WEIGHT: 3.3 g