Ring Ding


RING DING - The Interchangeable Jewellery System

Created by silberwerk of Germany, RING DING is an innovative, sterling silver, inter-changeable jewellery system that lets YOU be the designer with rings, pendants and bracelets to suit any style from whimsically fun to classically elegant and everything in between.

Since 2004, RING DING offers a 925 sterling silver range, supplemented by real stones, cold enamel, and zirconia, but also trendy materials such as acrylic, textiles and wood. The craftsmanship and high-quality jewellery pieces are carefully processed from idea to implementation under one roof in the historic "Wacker Factory" on the edge of the Odenwald foothills, close to Darmstadt, Germany.


  • Select a BASIC ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace
  • Select one or two DISCS
  • Select a TOP
  • Attach the DISC(S) to the BASIC jewellery piece by screwing the TOP element onto the BASIC jewellery piece...

PRESTO!... custom jewellery, designed by YOU!

The only difficult thing about RING DING jewellery is in the "choosing" of the components from this irresistible line! Not only will you be enchanted by this versatile jewellery, but it's highly addictive too!… All of us here at the "Q" can't seem to stop creating RING DING combos! Available in Canada, ONLY AT SUZIE Q BEADS!