Our Dogma

Suzie Q’s is a ‘jewel’ of a store. We love being special and extraordinary and believe our customers do too!

Our mission is to help you express your own uniqueness through personalized adornment: exceptional service, expert advice, amazing selection, a sparkling, magical atmosphere, fabulous buttons, inspiring jewellery-making components, creative classes and a stunning array of ready-to-wear jewellery, including our specialty… inter-changeable designed-by-you lines.

Above all, we believe in having, “Sophisticated Fun”, so come on over and “Play” at Suzie Q’s!

Suzie Q Beads shimmers with possibilities.

Starting out in 2002 in a tiny orange and chartreuse house in Calgary’s trendy Inglewood, Suzie Q Beads established itself early on as an innovative purveyor of extraordinary beads and jewellery-making classes, with an ongoing emphasis on expertise and customer service.

Bursting at the seams in their original location, Suzie Q’s moved to a larger space in 2007 to provide room for ready-to-wear jewellery with an interchangeable ‘you design’ component. Barely two years later in September 2009, Suzie Q’s moved into even larger quarters.

In 2015 Suzie Q’s moved to a more convenient and intimate location at 5501 1A St. S.W., Calgary. Suzie Q’s is a catalyst for creativity, starring friendly, inspiring experts who instruct in the art of jewellery-making.

Suzie Q’s is a glittering showcase for versatile ready-to-wear jewellery, featuring exquisite elements for your signature look such as Trollbeads, Ring Ding, Hot Cakes, and MY MOTHERS BUTTONS. We’re brimming with the stuff of beading magic: crystal and gemstones, pewter and pearls, copper and silver.

Above all, Suzie Q’s is a joyful, ever-changing haven of personal expression that invites you to innovate and celebrate with extraordinary embellishments that capture a mood or a moment, and reflect your inimitable style – brilliantly.

Sophisticated Fun at Suzie Q’s.  Come and Play!