Our Beads

Amazingly, the earliest confirmed example of beads as personal ornamentation extends back over 80,000 years! Throughout this huge span of time, beads have been used as talismans, for trade, religious artifacts, accounting and artistic expression.

At Suzie Q’s, we continue this centuries-old tradition/obsession and are passionate about bringing to you only the most truly extraordinary and tantalizing beads and jewellery-making components, most of which you will not find anywhere else!

Suzie Q searches this Big Wide World for beads of a vast array of shapes and sizes, made of a multitude of materials, and brands such as: Swarovski, TierraCast, Miyuki, Vintaj, Nunn Design and more! To get an idea of some of our incredible offerings, take a look at our Gallery Page (or click on this link).

Our passion for beads shines through in our fabulous selection, superb quality and a genuine love for what we do. To truly appreciate what Suzie Q’s has to offer, you MUST come and visit us!