Our Very First Customer at the New "Q"!

April 17, 2018

Our Very First Customer at the New "Q"!


The "casual" opening of my New Suzie Q Boutique at The Crossroads Market was heaps-o-fun last weekend and my very first customer was Bethli (pronounced "Bately") D., who is one of the "original" Suzie Q Bead Gals from way back when I first opened in 2002, in the little chartreuse & orange house on 10 Ave. in Inglewood... YAY! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜€

Bethli is incredibly creative, being a highly accomplished knitter, as well as an amazing (and prolific) "beader", specializing in bead-crochet, plus many other types of beadwork. Over the past (almost) 16 years of "The Q", Bethli has showed me a number of fabulous bead-crochet ropes, which begs the question... how many miles of bead-crochet rope have you created, Bethli??? 😊

Thanks very much to Bethli and everyone who came by my new shop at The Crossroads Market (#234 - 1235 26 Ave. SE), last weekend!!! I look forward to seeing more of my Suzie Q Friends over the upcoming months, during regular market hours: Fri-Sun, 9AM-5PM.

Here's how to find us at The Crossroads Market...

Here's a map to show you how to find Suzie Q at The Crossroads Market

BTW... Please watch for our "Official" Grand Opening AND the arrival of our selection of TROLLBEADS!... YAY! πŸ‘

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Thanks again and hope to SEE YOU SOON at The NEW Q! ~xo Suzie Q πŸ’•β€οΈ