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Suzie Q Studio in Calgary is offering an extremely rare Trollbeads Limited Edition China Beads Set of 10 sterling silver and 10 jade beads.

Suzie Q Studio has a Treasure Vault, full of "Rare & Retired"  Trollbeads. The "Vault" is being unlocked and all of the Troll Treasures will be available soon on our website so check back often to see what's "new". These rare beauties will be snapped up quickly so be sure to get your Trollbeads Treasures while you can!

One of the Trollbeads "Rare & Retired" items that will be available is a collection of Trollbeads that was released in 2009 called The "China Beads Collection". This incredible collection consisted of 10 sterling silver and 10 jade stone beads by six Chinese designers to represent what they viewed as significant representations of Chinese culture and history.

This collection showcases just a few of the many vibrant facets of Chinese culture, from the awe inspiring Great Wall to the simplicity of the humble Silkworm, from the mythical creatures of Chinese folklore to the cheeky personalities of everyday animals.

In between, wishes for happiness, love, success, and safe journeys are interspersed with vivid shades of Jade that explode like fireworks at Chinese New Year. The Trollbeads China Beads Collection is a private glimpse into a rich and varied culture as seen through the eyes of the people that know it best.

From February 8-10, 2019, Suzie Q Studio in Calgary is offering an extremely rare Trollbeads Limited Edition China Beads Set of 10 Sterling Silver and 10 Jade Stone Beads.

Suzie Q Studio has stashed away rare and retired special glass, sterling silver and limited edition Trollbeads pieces in the Suzie Q Studio “Trollbeads Treasure Vault”. This ultra-rare Trollbeads China Beads Collection is exquisite and will be snapped up quickly so be sure to check back often.

Most collectors would agree that the sterling silver beads in this collection are some of the best bead charms ever produced by Trollbeads. They're incredibly detailed and quite substantial, heft-wise, especially when compared to the sterling silver Trollbeads in more recent collections.

Regarding the stone jade beads in this collection, some of them have been dyed to achieve the luscious, brighter colours. I believe that the red, blue, turquoise, lilac and purple beads have been dyed, which, unfortunately, means that they're likely to be prone to fading.

The "China Beads Collection" that I'm offering on my website are all NEW and have been tucked away from sunlight shortly after they arrived at my shop in 2009, so the entire set is in pristine, never worn condition.

FYI... The "China Beads" were released in the UK as a Limited Edition of 500 bracelets, which included all 20 beads on a foxtail bracelet with Lace Lock, a sterling silver "Scroll" Trollbead with the edition # engraved on it and a certificate of authenticity, all of which was contained in a special wooden box.

In North America, the "China Beads" were released as sets of 20 beads that most retailers sold individually, including at my store back in 2009. I received more than one set of these enchanting Trollbeads and something compelled me to squirrel away one whole set until now, more than 10 years later. I had no idea that the "China Beads" would become so ultra-rare... The "Holy Grail" of Trollbeads!

These "China Beads" will be available as a complete 20 bead collection only. I'm still doing some research on them, so I haven't established the price of the collection quite yet. If you're keenly interested, please 'e' me using my contact link>>> Contact Suzie. I'll be sure to let you know the price ASAP.

For MORE Info & Detailed Pics for the "China Beads" Collection, CLICK HERE and/or HERE.

If you'd like more information about the Rare and Retired Trollbeads in my stash, see my blog posts (some of the Trollbeads shown in these blog posts may no longer be available) >>>  Treasure Vault Unlocked! and TROLLBEADS Rare & Retired Skeleton Necklace.

~ xo Suzie ❤️



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