March 04, 2019


True Confession... I'm a relentless "perfectionist", or at least I'm in constant pursuit of it, which, as with most everything, has its pluses and minuses.

On some of the days since my Dad's passing on January 29, 2019, I've been a bit "out-of-sorts" and not as productive as usual. It kind of feels like I'm moving in slow motion.

Of course, I've been feeling HORRIBLE for not getting as much done as usual, especially Social Media-wise and not getting my regular eNewsletter out last week, being super-late with this eNewsletter (So sorry about this!), in addition to being behind on many other tasks.

On a drive home about a week ago, I came upon a sign that I felt compelled to take a PIC of, which is shown above - IMPERFECT BUT AUTHENTIC -

I took this as a "SIGN" that I was meant to see and this is my take-away: 

Because I give my "all" to everything that I do with "authenticity" (just like the hard-work ethic my Mom and Dad instilled in me), at the same time as being super-hard on myself, seeing that "SIGN" has inspired me to try and be a lot more kind with how I speak to myself and say, "Lighten up, Suzie, because you're always doing your very best and it's OK to be Imperfect!"... It's my new mantra :-)

They say that it takes six weeks to "make" or "break" a habit, so here's hoping this will be the case with a life-long "Pursuit of Perfection" habit too... I can only do my best (and I'll cross my fingers for good-measure!).

So, whether you've always tried to be a "perfectionist" like me, or not, please try to be kind and gentle in how you talk to yourself with your inner voice ... you deserve kindness, especially from yourself!

~ xo Suzie 😘💕❤